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Sharing Ritual, Remembering Our History


founders-dayRitual is a key facet of many organizations that allows them to feel a connectedness through ceremonies and practices; it strengthens the bond that holds a group together. Although secrecy is an important aspect of ritual, it is important to acknowledge the merits of illustrating ritual to the community surrounding your organization.

In memory and honor of our founding father, Robert Morrison, many chapters choose to host a Founders Day event. This event is a chance for alumni to return to the chapter and for friends and family to experience a principal aspect of Phi Delta Theta. The event often includes dinner, presentations and guest speakers. The key to these activities is that they all revolve around the reenactment of our founding ceremony, which portrays the significance of our cardinal principles.

Friendship, Sound Learning and Moral Rectitude, these are our cardinal principles by which we maintain a Bond of Brotherhood. The depiction of how our organization was founded strikes deep in the hearts and minds of the attendees, reminding the alumni where they come from and the brothers why they are there. A most imperative benefit of this is that friends and family are able to understand what Phi Delta Theta stands for, the core of our existence.

Many of our brothers have significant others who spend a lot of time around the chapter. Whether it be hanging around the house, coming to our socials or assisting with philanthropy, I find that they may not fully understand why we exist. It is my personal opinion that when they attend an event such as Founders Day, it reminds them that we are more than a group of friends, we are brothers.

It’s not often that the brothers’ families can come to understand the lighter side of a Fraternity, but the Founders Day event is the perfect place for them to realize that Phi Delta Theta is something more than just letters, more than just a chapter but component of a greater organization, a Bond of Brotherhood.

Yours in the Bond,
Ryan Giordano CA XI #303

2 thoughts on “Sharing Ritual, Remembering Our History

  1. Good post. I’m the current Alumni Relations Chair and was curious if I should perform the Founder’s Ceremony reenactment if those who are not Phis are there. You made a great point that it does show those who aren’t Phis what we stand for.

  2. Chris,

    I looked on your chapter’s site and was unable to find any contact information for you. If you’d like to start a correspondence with me I can fill you in on how we held our ceremony. Our province president was in attendance so I can’t imagine we did anything incorrectly.

    Ryan Giordano
    CA Xi (Chico State)

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