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Visiting Other Chapters


By Jamie Travis – University of Iowa

Some of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had being a Phi came from visiting other chapters of Phi Delt across the country. Whether it is has been spending a weekend with one chapter or visiting one for half an hour, I have always enjoyed seeing some of our brothers across the nation.

With every different chapter I have ever traveled to or stopped by, the experience has always been worth it. You get to hang out with some new people, experience great hospitality and learn more about the area you’re visiting. College campuses and the places they’re in can be very confusing occasionally, so what’s better than having people that you share something in common with to help you out?

In my opinion, the best part of these visits has been the realization that Phi Delta Theta goes beyond the school you attend. Being an Iowa Hawkeye is something I will always cherish, but that is something I share with a select group of people across the country. Being a Phi is something I share with men that have been Hawkeyes, Cyclones, Wolverines, Rebels, Seminoles and so on. It can be difficult to imagine that there is a world outside of your chapter or school, but when you visit other schools and see some of your brothers at other chapters, it really is eye opening about how special it is to be a member of the fraternity.

Needless to say, I highly recommend that all of you still in school try if you can to see some other chapters of Phi Delta Theta. Doing that had an incredible effect on my appreciation of our fraternity and I’m sure it will have the same effect on all of you too.