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How Do We Get Our Chapter Involved With Iron Phi?


As the Iron Phi program continues to progress, the number one question we receive is “How can we get our chapter involved?” While we generally try to promote the program as one for individuals, a collection of Phis from one chapter working together to become Iron Phis can essentially become a chapter event. We realize that chapters want to work together in the spirit of brotherhood as they work to become Iron Phis, and that is why we’d like to share a few creative ideas on how to implement Iron Phi at the chapter level.

Before we reveal some ideas, remember that the structure should remain the same for all of these events. Individuals who want to participate should register at the Iron Phi website, setup their individual fundraising pages and begin fundraising. As many brothers fundraise separately, the chapter’s total accumulates at your chapter’s team page. If brothers are collaborating on an event, your chapter captain can edit the chapter’s Iron Phi page to reflect what the brothers from your chapter are working to achieve. If your chapter does not have a chapter captain, email us at ironphi@phideltatheta.org to designate one.

There are two prerequisites to Iron Phi chapter events:

  • Be creative
  • Have fun

Idea #1 – Challenge Your Rival School’s Phi Delt Chapter – Does your school’s rival have a Phi Delt chapter? If so, a great way to implement a friendly competition is to challenge that chapter to an athletic event. Bragging rights can go to the chapter (school) who raises the most money, wins the event, or a combination of both. For example, if the rival football game is a big deal at your campus, team up with that Phi Delt chapter, race (not cars) to the midway point of your two campuses, or start at one campus and race to the other. Who knows, you may be able to deliver the game ball to the stadium on game day.

Idea #2 – Challenge Your Alumni – This is an idea that could bolster your alumni relations as well as philanthropic efforts. Put together a 5-10 man undergraduate team as well as a 5-10 alumni team to participate in a local race of choice. If a local race offers some type of relay event, bragging rights could go to the team that finishes first, raises the most money, or a combination of both. If the race does not offer a team relay, just add up the times of each individual on your team and the fastest team time wins.

Idea #3 – Participate in a Ragnar Relay Series Race – Check out www.ragnarrelay.com. Team relays such as these are gaining popularity throughout the world. Your chapter can put together a team and participate. Most of these races are long-distance, overnight treks, that allow your team to take turns racing. The brothers of New York Zeta recently fielded a team of 12 brothers in a Ragnar race that trekked 180 miles from Connecticut to Boston. They had a team van and utilized teamwork to reach the finish. Many of them raised money through the Iron Phi website in the process. Talk about brotherhood.

Idea #4 – Challenge Fellow Greeks – If you’re looking for a way to bring together fellow Greeks, work with the Philanthropy chairmen from all chapters to develop a competition. Find a local track, determine a number of laps that must be completed with a specific number of participants, and have each participating chapter raise money for their cause of choice prior to the competition. You could subtract a second from each chapter’s time for each dollar raised for their charity. Those individuals on the Phi Delt team could work towards becoming Iron Phis.

Idea #5 – Challenge Each Other – Probably the easiest way to get your chapter brothers involved with Iron Phi is to simply identify a local race in which many of you could participate. Having a common goal and motivating each other during the training for that race and the fundraising efforts is a powerful brotherhood tool. There are many athletic events in your community in which brothers might have an interest. Find one that works, identify the brothers who want to participate, and get training. See our featured Iron Phi events at www.ironphi.org, as we’d love to have you join us at one of these events. If not one of these races, search for something in your own community and challenge each other to become Iron Phis. You could even implement positive incentives to the brother(s) who raise the most money.

Once again, get creative, have fun, and work together in the spirit of the Fraternity to become Iron Phis. We promise you, it’ll be an experience you never forget.