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Celebrating 10 Years of Alcohol-Free Housing – Read the White Paper By Dr. Edward G. Whipple

USA Today highlighted a story on October 22, 1997, with the headline “Can dry (alcohol-free housed) fraternities survive on campus?” Ten years after full implementation in 2000, Phi Delta Theta can respond with a resounding YES proving that fraternities can not only survive but thrive. Brother Edward G. Whipple (Hanover ’74), Past President of the General Council and current Vice President for Student Affairs at Bowling Green State University, helps Phi Delta Theta celebrate this milestone with a follow-up white paper to his “Alcohol-Free Housing: Does It Make A Difference” in 2005.

The Fraternity has experienced positive results regarding the seven key reasons for implementing an alcohol-free housing policy and expects such results to improve annually. Phi Delta Theta still faces important issues associated with alcohol-free housing but believes that all of them can be resolved with time as well as committed student and alumni leaders.