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Phi Delt 2020 – Strategic Plan – Capacity Initiative


In the Fall of 2010, Phi Delta Theta’s newly elected General Council assembled for their annual retreat in Moab, Utah with the General Headquarters staff.  This year, their mission was a bit different as it was to create a long-term strategic path for Phi Delta Theta. “Phi Delt 2020” was created to establish Phi Delta Theta as the premiere leadership organization through six strategic initiatives:  Growth, Education, Support, Communication, Capacity, and Funding.

Strategic Initiative – Capacity
Strengthen the operational infrastructure of the General Headquarters through the leverage of talent and technology.

Talent Development
Acquire, develop, and retain the best staff in the fraternity world.

  • Following the adoption of Phi Delt 2020, review all operational activities and job descriptions to develop revisions that will allow the GHQ staff to be more efficient and aligned with strategic goals
  • Identify avenues for the promotion of openings for the following job categories:  support staff, Leadership Consultants, and Executive Staff
  • Develop a results-driven evaluation model that includes recognition plan
  • Develop transition outlines based on job descriptions for all positions and organization corresponding files to assist with transitions
  • Once Phi Delt 2020 and database solution has been adopted/selected, determine the staff structure and financial resources to support the successful implementation of plan’s tactics
  • Create a staff professional development committee to promote educational opportunities that enhance the workplace and promote efficiency
  • Introduce a web-based orientation program for all new GHQ staff members
  • Launch Succession Plan for Executive Vice President Post (2018)

Technology Solutions
Review and assess current information technology efforts and implement solutions that improve current deficiencies.  Maintain leadership in use of technology in the Greek world to achieve other key objectives.

  • Implement a database that enhances or provides solutions including but not limited to the following areas:  membership contracts and reporting, risk management, affidavits, social calendars, event planning forms, and moves management
  • Explore opportunities to move towards a cloud computing model and a server-less office

Financial Management
Enhance the accounting and investment practices of fraternity funds.

  • Review current investment policies and partners
  • Historically review Fraternity, WBPF, Foundation, and Mitchell Fund portfolio’s against market averages

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