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Phi Delt 2020 – Strategic Plan – Communication Initiative


In the Fall of 2010, Phi Delta Theta’s newly elected General Council assembled for their annual retreat in Moab, Utah with the General Headquarters staff.  This year, their mission was a bit different as it was to create a long-term strategic path for Phi Delta Theta. “Phi Delt 2020” was created to establish Phi Delta Theta as the premiere leadership organization through six strategic initiatives:  Growth, Education, Support, Communication, Capacity, and Funding.

Strategic Initiative – Communication
Promote our value to members, potential members, and stakeholders.

Design and implement a new brand position that enables the Fraternity to clearly articulate benefits to members and nonmembers alike.

  • Establish a competitive  brand position in order to assist in the communication and marketing efforts of the Fraternity and its chapters
  • Integrate brand into all e-news, GHQ print communication, and web presence

Information Quality
Improve the quality of our member and constituent data to enhance our communications and relationships.

  • Identify and integrate a database that enhances, among other areas:  membership contracts, membership reporting, risk management affidavits, social calendars, event planning forms and moves management
  • Develop a strategy and corresponding lists of possible solutions to acquire email addresses, physical addresses, and mobile numbers. Included in that strategy could be additional alumni directories, development of new staff processes, and/or a Six Degrees of Separation Program
  • Increase the percentage of accurate email addresses (31 to 60%), physical addresses (60 to 85%) and obtain 60% of mobile numbers for members, parents, and Greek officials.

Communication Channels
Increase the quality, frequency and breadth of communications to members and constituents.

  • Develop and distribute a communications survey to all undergraduate and alumni members to gauge how members would like to communicate and maintain their relationship with Phi Delta Theta
  • Develop a strategy to have 100% of chapters submit RSS News Items and Scroll Chapter Updates
  • Utilize communications survey results to evaluate and adapt current communications to increase engagement rates for all publications
  • Create timely electronic welcome letters and e-newsletters for parents of undergraduate Phis
  • Provide undergraduate chapters with alumni communications solution
  • Market and promote branded chapter websites along with the benefits of a social media presence resulting in 100% of all chapters/alumni clubs with a branded website and social media presence

What do you think of Phi Delt’s communication initiative?

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