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Phi Delt 2020 – Strategic Plan – Education Initiative


In the Fall of 2010, Phi Delta Theta’s newly elected General Council assembled for their annual retreat in Moab, Utah with the General Headquarters staff.  This year, their mission was a bit different as it was to create a long-term strategic path for Phi Delta Theta. “Phi Delt 2020” was created to establish Phi Delta Theta as the premiere leadership organization through six strategic initiatives:  Growth, Education, Support, Communication, Capacity, and Funding.

Strategic Initiative – Education
Develop a holistic educational effort through programs that utilize technology and promote our values to undergraduate and alumni members.

Values-Based Leadership Development
Provide values- based leadership experience that reaches 12,000 members by 2020 through in-person conferences and online learning.

  • Review opportunities for the growth of existing conferences each year
  • Develop two on-demand educational presentations focused on CAB and general member education and continue same effort in upcoming years
  • Reach 12,000 attendees at in-person educational conferences

Undergraduate and Alumni Officer Development
Provide undergraduate and alumni volunteers with officer-specific training through conferences and online certification-based training.

  • Implement online, certification-based training program for CAB members
  • Re-examine opportunities for in-person CAB and/or house corporation member training
  • Implement online education for all Phikeia members
  • Implement online education for all Executive Committee Members
  • Achieve 100% certification rate of Phikeias and Executive Committee Members educated online

Standardized Phikeia Education
Design and implement a standardized Phikeia program for use by all undergraduate chapters that thoroughly educates and prepares new members for an active, lifelong membership.

  • Develop a committee to establish a standardized Phikeia Education Program
  • Implement a standardized Phikeia Education Program

Sound Learning
Assess the success of academic minimum standard and academic programming while determining the organizational philosophy and plan for membership development.

  • Gauge effectiveness of academic minimum standard and academic programming
  • Determine Phi Delta Theta’s philosophy on membership development

Career Transition
Execute a strategy for undergraduate members that provides a mentoring opportunity for all and helps prepare undergraduates for a career

  • Explore undergraduate mentorship programs and tools
  • Enhance and package career transition resources for graduating members

What do you think of Phi Delt’s education initiative?

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3 thoughts on “Phi Delt 2020 – Strategic Plan – Education Initiative

  1. I am not sure if people always read the notes on the blog but I thought I would share a comment I made on the Facebook wall here on the blog too. I understand there is a search for a new director of education underway, and I think by leaving this comment here it will maybe reach the person who will one day hold that post.

    “I really appreciate the Phi Delt 2020 goals. The only thing I am curious about is standardized Phikeia Education. As a Phikeia Educator I sat down with the resources provided to me including the winners of the St Louis Award, the Phikeia Programs Manual, and other resources. One issue is some of the things Nebraska Alpha does, does not work at Texas Sigma because 1) they have a house so the environment is different & 2) they are a much larger chapter because the environment is different. Also looking at university policies it is difficult for me to get my school to approve the Phikeia Retreat like is suggested in the manual in the officer tool box.

    I am a fan of having a universal Phikeia Education program. I know several fraternities have strong programs like SigEps balanced man. I know right now, my Phikeia Education program we have adapted here at Texas Sigma is based of the best practices of the General Headquarters, and award winning chapters. It has been constructed to the needs of our chapter, our needs being an emphasis on Fraternity History, Community Service, Friendship, an intense scholarship program to help with member retention, and a heavy emphasis on chapter operations because with our size, some Phikeias go straight from being a Phikeia to on the executive board (including myself when I was first initiated).

    I think we should not be too devoted to a formula that will work perfectly for each school, because I am not sure if one exists. I hope GHQ will take in to account some of these ideas when they are looking at making this universal Phikeia Education program. I also hope they will make sure to discuss it with undergraduate brothers of the fraternity who are experienced and work in Phikeia Education each day. I am more than willing to offer my own insight in to this plan, and I know there are others out there like me.”

    Since I made these comments I saw an example of the universal education that GHQ is developing with the chapter advisory board training my chapter advisor went through. I really think these kind of online programs for Phikeia will work well so everyone has a universal phikeia experience. However, I think in addition to the development of these online programs, it should be discussed how chapters can implement experiences within each chapter that will allow for member development.

    This is a complex idea that I know will be discussed over the next 10 years, but I felt I wanted to share my opinion on this matter.

    Yours In the Bond
    William G. Keaton #76
    Phi Delta Theta, Texas Sigma
    President & Former Phikeia Educator

  2. I L-O-V-E your avatar picurte!!! What a beautiful bride!Thank you for stopping by-I had such a fabuous day.Sorry to hear about not feeling well-That is never fun and I hope you have a quick recovery. I have always been active, and moving is just what I do! I’m going to start posting about my marathon training so feel free to jump on board whenever you want! Food. Love it. Stop by my kitchen ANY time. We can share recipes!:)

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