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Phi Delt 2020 – Strategic Plan – Support Initiative


In the Fall of 2010, Phi Delta Theta’s newly elected General Council assembled for their annual retreat in Moab, Utah with the General Headquarters staff.  This year, their mission was a bit different as it was to create a long-term strategic path for Phi Delta Theta. “Phi Delt 2020” was created to establish Phi Delta Theta as the premiere leadership organization through six strategic initiatives:  Growth, Education, Support, Communication, Capacity, and Funding.

Strategic Initiative – Support
Build a strong chapter and alumni support structure to improve operations and member engagement.

General Fraternity Support
Further enhance and build the collaboration between the Province President and Leadership Consultant Programs to foster student leadership education, chapter development, and alumni support.

  • Introduce revised Province President job description, performance measures, orientation program, and continual education
  • Include enhanced CAB recruitment and training along with relationship building and regional manager model  into Leadership Consultant training
  • Adjust Leadership Consultant Balanced Scorecard to include volunteer recruitment and training
  • Review Effectiveness of Leadership Consultant Program and proper use of resources
  • Have one consultant servicing every 30 chapters

Local Alumni Support
Recruit, educate and retain 1,000 chapter advisory board members (an average of 5 per chapter) who are fully certified and determined to be 80% effective through evaluations by 2020.

  • Re-examine CAB recruitment, marketing, and recognition strategies
  • Develop an evaluation system to gauge the effectiveness of CABs

Chapter Retention
Provide strategic support to chapters who may be failing in their chapter operations and/or to meet the standards of the minimum standards program.

  • Conduct historical audit of all chapters who currently do not meet any of the Fraternity’s minimum standards or are failing in Fraternity operations
  • Reexamine leadership consultant staff structure and the interface with the Province President  to focus on the preservation and enhancement of chapters

Learn more about the needs and educational opportunities for our house corporations while examining models that result in better managed facilities through improved measures in life safety and adult supervision.

  • Conduct house corporation communication survey to gauge the needs of house corporations
  • Ensure that all chapter houses have sprinkler systems and meet other life-safety requirements or have a specific plan to do so
  • Conduct study of a National House Corporation Model
  • Work to ensure that at least 25% of chapter facilities have either a live-graduate adviser, house director, or house mother

What do you think of Phi Delt’s support initiative?

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