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Undergraduates Assisting Undergraduates Through The Knights Of Pallas


This week our blog series will feature a variety of Phi Delta Theta Foundation Donors, highlighting various categories and opportunities Phi Delta Theta has for members and alumni to give back.

The Knights of Pallas is Phi Delta Theta Foundation’s dynamic undergraduate giving alliance allowing members a chance to give back – a gesture that provides valuable resources for the Annual Fund which supports undergraduate programs, scholarships and fellowships. Benjamin Reilly, President of Kansas Epsilon Chapter at Emporia State University has inspired and educated his fellow brothers about the importance of giving back. This year, the Knights of Pallas has taken on a competitive nature driving the undergrad members to donate. The Kansas Epsilon Chapter is in the running to win a noble knight statue for their chapter house as a reminder of their charitable contributions.

“I first donated to the Knights of Pallas at the Orlando, Florida Convention, and I have made sure to donate at every Phi Delt conference since then.  Before I went to these conferences, the only thing I knew about the Knights of Pallas was that it was something I could pay for and get a cool pin with a sword.  At Convention, I was able to talk to the people at the Knights of Pallas table and realized that the money was actually going toward Phi Delta Theta Foundation scholarships. As a college student who loves scholarships, I decided I could help out my brothers and donate.”

“Many members from Kansas Epsilon have felt the same way and have donated when they attended Phi Delt conferences.  When the Knights of Pallas competition was announced, I was pretty excited, especially when the suit of armor was announced to be the prize.  So naturally, every guy in the chapter wanted to try and get the suit of armor.  The chapter made sure to talk about Knights of Pallas in our next meeting and the competition that had been unveiled.  We also brought this up in the Phikeia meeting and got all the Phikeias on board to donate to the Foundation.”

“It’s great to know that our brothers can come together and help current and future Phi Delts by providing donations for scholarships.  The best part of Knights of Pallas is that it is really easy to donate.  If you attend any of the Phi Delt conferences, just stop by the table and donate $18.48. If you haven’t been able to attend any of those, you can just send a donation to the Knights of Pallas to GHQ or donate online.”

View more information about the Knights of Pallas. Learn more about the competition that ends on December 31.