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Indiana Beta (Wabash) Phi Scott Himsel Given The Vision Award By Alpha Chi Omega


himsel.jpgThe Vision Award recognizes an individual, not a member of Alpha Chi Omega, for his or her significant contribution to the Greek movement. Criteria: Consideration may be given to individuals whose efforts to advance and strengthen the role of Greek life are exemplary and who is a friend of Alpha Chi Omega. Consideration may be given to individuals who have name recognition interfraternally as providing a positive influence and contribution to the Greek movement.

Scott’s Recommendation Letter By Alpha Chi Omega:

Within the Fraternity/Sorority headquarters community, one name kept popping up as a friend and advocate of Greek organizations like Alpha Chi Omega. Scott Himsel (Wabash ’85) of Baker & Daniels has worked tirelessly over the past several years to both protect and project the image of Greek organizations.

As a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Scott knows firsthand Greek organizations are so much more than a place to find friends. While he is committed to ensuring legal compliance in all things from policy revisions to real estate transitions, he understands that issues are unavoidable, and he is always just a phone call away from answering questions and providing insight that will ease processes in the future.

Scott makes himself available to speak with Alpha Chi Omega’s volunteer leadership, and is always willing to go the extra mile for the good of the organization.

For Alpha Chi Omega and other Indianapolis-based Greek organizations, Scott has found himself in the middle of housing policies, property tax exemption status, chapter closures and member issues. Through the experience he has acquired by working with numerous groups, he is able to bring knowledge to an issue that someone else has already worked through, keeping cost down.

Scott is a dedicated and long time partner to Alpha Chi Omega and his passion for helping us do the work we do is commendable.