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Robert J. Miller Receives Phi Kappa Psi’s Ralph “Dud” Daniel Interfraternal Award


rjm_dud_daniel_awardThe following text was taken directly from a script read at Phi Kappa Psi’s Grand Arch Council (Convention) this summer in San Antonio, Texas.

Competition among fraternities is as old as the Greek community itself. Phi Kappa Psi has always been proud of its spirit of interfraternalism.  Author of our Creed, Mystagogue Emeritus, Kent Christopher Owen, tells us that the interfraternal world dubbed Phi Kappa Psi the “Noble” Fraternity.
 Speaking of our Creed, it states, “I believe that to all I meet, wherever I go, I represent not only Phi Kappa Psi, but indeed the spirit of all fraternities.”

As we have noted this week, Phi Kappa Psi lost an icon this past biennium.  Ralph “Dud” Daniel, Arizona ’47, Mr. Phi Psi, Exectuive Director Emeritus and past president of the Fraternity Executives Association.  Dud was Phi Kappa Psi’s ambassador to the interfraternal movement for more than 60 years. Obviously, this is the first time this award will be handed out with Dud not in our company, so it is extra special tonight that the award recipient is one of the most deserving and one of Dudly’s closest friends throughout his life.

Robert J. Miller became Phi Delta Theta’s Assistant Executive Secretary in 1951 after graduating from the University of New Mexico.  In 1954 he was then named the Executive Secretary (which is now the Executive Vice President/Executive Director), of Phi Delta Theta and held that position for 37 years.

Bob has been extremely influential in the Greek movement over the years.  He was president of the Fraternity’s Executives Association, and recipient of their FEA Distinguished Service Award.  He received the Gold Medal from the National Interfraternity Conference, former president of the Cincinnati Society of Association Executives, not to mention one of the most impressive honors – being named the 1968 “Citizen of the Year” in Oxford, Ohio, or as I affectionately call it Ox-Vegas!

In all seriousness, when I visited Dud in the hospital in his final days, we discussed Bob receiving his interfraternal award, and he said, “Shawn, that makes me extremely happy, thank you.”   This year’s Ralph “Dud” Daniel Interfraternal Award winner goes to Robert J. Miller from Phi Delta Theta.