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Don’t Play Doctor!


Phi Delta Theta works hard to protect our members and educate them about the risks and legal consequences of underage and binge drinking. And while our expectation is that our members obey the law as well as the policies of our Fraternity, we are also aware of the unfortunate reality that some choose to abuse alcohol and put themselves or others in danger. Every year more than 4,000 people die from an alcohol overdose. Nearly 42% of those deaths are college students; a staggering statistic that could be much lower if students were knowledgeable about how to take proper action when such situations arise.

This week is National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, a week that is dedicated to promoting education, research, and initiatives that will help eliminate alcohol abuse on college and university campuses. Phi Delta Theta is committed to this cause and in an effort to educate our members about what to do if a brother has had too much to drink, the Fraternity is proud to share its video: Don’t Play Doctor.


Don’t Play Doctor was produced in 2009 by Phi Delta Theta Fraternity to remind our members not to play doctor when a brother or friend is in need of help. The video identifies the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning and encourages all of our members to “be their brothers’ keeper and get professional help.”Two years later, Don’t Play Doctor is being used as an educational tool by other fraternities, universities, and insurance companies to educate undergraduates on these important concepts. As Phi Delts, we enjoy life by the help and society of others, a statement that must be remembered when a brother’s life depends on it most.

We encourage risk management chairman to view the Don’t Play Doctor processing questions so that they can facilitate a good conversation with their members about risk management, crisis management, and intervention.

One thought on “Don’t Play Doctor!

  1. I’m not sure how many states have something similar, but Indiana just enacted the Lifeline Law (indianalifeline.org), and it’s having an immediate effect. I would encourage all Phis in every state that doesn’t have one to lobby for one.

    In the meantime, if one of your brothers finds himself in medical distress, do not hesitate to get him immediate medical assistance, regardless of the legal consequences. Your rescued brother can thank you for saving his life.

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