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Support the Fight Against ALS By Donating Your Chapter’s Extra T-Shirts


As we continue to find creative ways to strengthen Phi Delta Theta’s relationship with The ALS Association and the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease, a recent suggestion by a Phi Delt undergraduate sparked an idea that has the ability to further enhance our relationship with The ALS Association.

The suggestion was simple – It’d be great if there was some kind of marketplace where Phi Delts could purchase one another’s chapter t-shirts. While Phi Delta Theta has heard this suggestion a few times over the years, this was the first time it had been suggested since the launch of the Phi Delt Store at www.phideltstore.com. Now that the Fraternity has a centralized marketplace for Phi Delt apparel, materials and other items, the Fraternity had the ability to act on the suggestion. The Fraternity also determined that it has the opportunity to strengthen its support of The ALS Association by donating profits from the sale of these shirts to the cause.

At the beginning of 2013, Phi Delta Theta will be adding a “Support ALS” section to its store. Within this area of the store will be donated t-shirts from Phi Delta Theta’s chapters. Many chapters develop an inventory of extra shirts from recruitment, social events, philanthropy events and other programs throughout the year. This program will allow chapters to donate these extra shirts to a good cause. It will also give each Phi Delt the ability to purchase t-shirts from other chapters.

A Few Specifics:

  • A chapter must donate at least five shirts for each design.
  • All donated t-shirts will retail for $10 +shipping.
  • Our store partner (Advanced-Online) will keep $2 for their services and $8 will be donated to the PDT Iron Phi Research Fund at The ALS Association.  Phi Delta Theta will keep no percentage of profits.
  • Donated t-shirts must be in good taste to be included in the “Support ALS” section of the store. Each t-shirt design will be reviewed by Phi Delta Theta prior to it being posted within the store.
  • All t-shirts must be sent to: Carly Morris Advanced Online 750 Gateway Blvd. Coppell TX 75019
  • You should fill out this form and include it within the package so we can recognize your chapter within the store.
  • Phi Delt chapters will receive no financial return for the donation.
  • Only t-shirts that are in good condition should be sent in to Advanced-Online.
  • All t-shirt will be sold as-is.

We hope that you are as excited about this new program as we are.  The Fraternity will spend the next two months accepting t-shirt donations and filling the “Support ALS” area within the store before we go live in January. Let’s turn those extra t-shirts sitting in a closet in the chapter house into funds that can ultimately help The ALS Association find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Any questions about the program in general should be sent to Steve Good at Phi Delta Theta.

Any questions about t-shirt processing or the store should be sent to Carly Morris at Advanced-Online.