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Montana Alpha (Montana) Initiates 12, Largest Initiation Class Since Re-Installation


mta_0213.jpgMontana Alpha at the University of Montana recently initiated 12 new members on Sunday, February 17th. The new members were the largest Phikeia class that Montana Alpha has had since re-colonization last year and are an extremely dedicated and motivated group of gentlemen. With the addition of 12 new members, Phi Delta Theta remains one of the largest fraternities at the University of Montana.

New members Dennis Price and Shaun Bummer are both Presidential Leadership Scholars through the Davidson Honors College.  Shaun is also the first Phi Delt legacy to join the chapter since re-colonization. The entire class proved to be very hardworking and committed to improving themselves and the chapter. Montana Alpha is proud to call each and every one of them a Brother in the Bond.