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Texas Zeta (TCU) Hosts Whole Man Scholarship Dinner To Recognize Alumni


tx_zeta_wms(Pictured from left to right – W.L. & Lynn Gray, Wilson Bauer, Texas Zeta Chapter President, Janice & Paul Price)

On Thursday, February 21 the men of Texas Zeta (TCU) hosted The Whole Man Scholarship Dinner in honor of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Gray, Jr., and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Price at the Reata in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Gray, Jr., and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Price have collectively donated over $144,000.00 to establish two fully funded Whole Man Scholarships for the Texas Zeta Chapter. “We are all very thankful to have some of the most respected and influential leaders within Phi Delta Theta present together for this event to celebrate this occasion and the generosity of these four individuals,” said Dillon Cook, Alumni Relations Chair for Texas Zeta.

Whole Man Scholarships recognize academic achievement, develop responsible and ethical leaders, and endow a chapter’s participation in the Phi Delta Theta Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. Recipients of the Whole Man Scholarship are awarded the opportunity to attend the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute and awarded $1,000.00 to assist in the cost of his education. To learn more about the Whole Man Scholarship Program please visit www.phideltathetafoundation.org.