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Georgia Alpha (Georgia) Celebrates Successful Re-Organization Effort With 59 Men, 3.39 GPA



At the end of the 2012 Spring semester, the Georgia Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta found itself in a precarious situation, when its active membership was reduced to zero. Over the course of 2013 Fall semester, however, there was an outpouring of alumni support and the strong ideals of Phi Delta Theta bonded together and attracted 47 new men to the chapter. The following spring brought in another Phikeia class of 12 high caliber young men. Currently standing at 59 men, the Georgia Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta boasts the largest first class size of any re-organizing or re-founding effort at UGA in recent history. The new brothers of Georgia Alpha have been working tirelessly for the last semester and a half to build what that they always knew could exist. The progress has been incredible. Georgia Alpha boasts an impressive 3.39 GPA with a strong and structured scholarship program, a competitive intramural sports teams in every sport, leaders in student organizations all over campus and a full social calendar for the semester. 

On Saturday, March 2, the alumni of the Georgia Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta gathered at the Capital City Club in Atlanta, Georgia to show their support for the chapter’s recent progress and to celebrate what the future holds. With almost 100 alumni in attendance, the resounding response was one of amazement and hope as alumni had their first glimpse of the newly recruited men.  John McGoogan, Georgia, ’70 spoke briefly during the event and highlighted a few particularly impressive new members of the Georgia Alpha Chapter. The spotlighted members included a brother who had recently spoken about service in front of the United Nations, the current SGA President, another brother just starting his own campaign for the SGA Presidency, and others involved in a variety of prestigious campus activities. Other speakers included General Council Treasurer Rich Fabritius, Kent State, ’94, Associative Executive Vice President Sean Wagner, Widener, ’02 and current Georgia Alpha President, Alexander Ballasiotes.