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Ohio Lambda (Kent State) Holds Sigma North & South Bi-Province Retreat


sigma_2013biprov.jpgOn February 23, the Ohio Lambda Chapter at Kent State University hosted the annual Sigma North/Sigma South Bi-Prov retreat. More than 100 brothers, alumni, and GHQ officials congregated in Kent for the event which was held on campus and kicked off by the Kent State Vice President of Enrollment Greg Jarvie. The day started with a tribute to Brother Neil Armstrong. The group performed the Phi Delta Theta memorial ceremony in the chapter house surrounding an alter bearing the badge that Brother Armstrong brought to the moon.

Associate Executive Vice President Sean Wagner gave the State of the Fraternity report, in which he described the progress of Phi Delt 2020 and announced the hiring of Ohio Lambda president Ben Putano as a leadership consultant. Former Delta Chi national president Steve Bossert and his wife Lorrie spoke about fraternity topics and advice for wowing sorority women. The retreat’s keynote speaker was General Council Treasurer Rich Fabritius, Ohio Lambda alumnus and great supporter of the chapter. Brother Fabritius assured the group that their membership in Phi Delta Theta should be greatly valued and gave tips on how to get the most out of the experience.

Sigma North Province President Nat Love and Sigma South President Jim Warner have been putting on the Sigma Bi-Prov for over thirteen years. The event was a huge success and broadened the connections between the brothers from different chapters.