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Massachusetts Epsilon (Northeastern) Phis Host Fundraiser To Help New York Eta (RIT) Phi In Coma


How many planks do you think you can do? What if you had ten hours to do it? What if there was a purpose behind all that knee shaking, core trembling and overall suffering?

Yesterday, the brothers of Phi Delta Theta at Northeastern University completed 1,317 planks between the hours of 10am and 8pm. That is equivalent to 21 hours and 57 minutes! This planking was not just for good fun or to get their bodies ready for the upcoming beach season.

The event, Planks for Plank, was to support Steven “Plank” Sapp, a fellow brother from New York Eta (Rochester Institute of Technology) who was recently involved in a tragic automobile accident. Steven has been hospitalized and in a coma since the accident on March 22. This fundraiser was to help his family cover the accumulating medical bills and family expenses. For every $1 donated to the cause, a brother of Massachusetts Epsilon did a plank for a minute. The chapter even had friends and alumni joining in the fun!

Overall, the event was a great success! The sun was shining, tunes were playing and everyone was having a grand ‘ol time. Through Northeastern’s ten hours of continuous support, the chapter was able to raise $1,317.00 to help Brother Steve cover some of the costs from his medical bills! We can’t emphasize enough how proud we are to be a Phi and to be part of this great Northeastern community. Friends and strangers alike came together to help a stranger in need.

To support Brother Sapp, the brothers of New York Eta have setup a giving page on youcaring.com. You can view the page here.