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Pennsylvania Omicron (Shippensburg) Wins Fraternity and Fraternity Man of the Year


shippensburg_university_of_pennsylvania_logo.gifWritten By Tyler Rosch

The Pennsylvania Omicron Chapter at Shippensburg University came into the 2012–2013 school-year with one goal – To strive to be the best fraternity on campus. In years past, the chapter had fought against low academics, very few philanthropic events, large amounts of debt, and had encountered multiple near calls of losing their charter. Entering the Fall semester, the Executive Board, headed by President Luke Larson and Vice President Tyler Rosch, saw the lack of efforts from the chapter in years past. “We felt it was time for a drastic change in our chapter’s morale, and strive to be above the standard,” commented Tyler Rosch. The Pennsylvania Omicron Chapter sought to achieve goals with the mindset of “to do what ought to be done.”

Taking successful events from other organizations, teaming up with the sororities on campus, and instilling a goal-oriented mindset were just the building blocks of the chapter’s success. “It was mindboggling to think that our chapter had not established goals for the academic-years in the past,” stated Vice President, Tyler Rosch. “How can a chapter strive for excellence if they do not have a goal to meet?” The relatively small chapter of 22 initiated brothers set goals of accomplishing 1,000 community service hours and raising over $5,000 dollars for the American Cancer Foundation’s Relay For Life.

In attempt of reaching their goals, the chapter co-hosted a Valentine’s Day Ball with the sisters of Alpha Phi at a nearby nursing home and collaborated with the sisters of Delta Zeta to raise the most money in the history of Relay For Life on campus. The chapter in a combined effort raised $5,895 for the American Cancer Foundation through a simple canning technique. “We would raise anywhere from $500 to $1,000 in a four-hour block,” said Philanthropy Chairman Josh Meyers. “It was awesome to see how generous people would be when the money went to a good cause.”

On Monday, April 29, 2013, Shippensburg University held its annual Greek Life Awards Ceremony where Phi Delta Theta was named Fraternity of the Year. This was not the only award the chapter accepted on this day as they also won excellence in academics and philanthropy. Brother Tyler Rosch was named Fraternity Man of the Year.

“The chapter’s morale has significantly increased after this year,” commented Josh Meyers. Tyler Rosch in agreement stated, “Big things are still to come from Pennsylvania Omicron.” Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of the chapter and the initiation of the 200th member. It will be very suitable and remarkable to see if the chapter can strive to meet its goals: Gold Star Chapter, Iron Phi Chapter, $6,000 dollars raised for Relay For Life, 3.0 Chapter GPA, and of course, back-to-back Fraternity of the Year awards.