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Summer Recipes From The Phi Delt Grillmaster – Part 3


photo1By Michael McDearman, Tennessee Delta ’97

Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp with BBQ Peach Glaze

What You’ll Need:

  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Canned peaches
  • Prosciutto
  • Bull Snortin’ Hot BBQ Sauce

Grillmaster McD’s Tips, Tricks and Techniques

proscuitto-shrimp_300Take the jumbo shrimp and rinse while taking the shells, tails and legs off. Keep the shells and tails and freezer bag them to save for making a fish stock for gumbo, if you like. Prosciutto is very thinly sliced salt cured pork. Some brands of country could easily substitute. I recommend thinly shaved biscuit slices if used. A strip of prosciutto about 1” wide should wrap around the shrimp nicely. Prosciutto is slightly tacky to itself. Skewer the wrapped shrimp through the prosciutto.

You won’t need much time to cook the shrimp to a nice completely white color. Cook a few extras for tasting samples. Medium high heat will cook the shrimp and allow the prosciutto to release from the grill grates. As always, use a clean, well oiled grill grate (typically with a vegetable or peanut oil since it has higher burn temps). Remove the shrimp when the prosciutto easily releases from the grill grate.

Drizzle a 50/50 mixture of your BBQ Sauce and canned peach heavy syrup over the shrimp and serve. Beware that the mixture of the sauce and peach syrup can still have quite a kick, so use it as a seasoning. You want sauce seasoned shrimp not shrimp seasoned sauce.

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