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Phi Delta Theta Offers Free Guide for College-Bound Students; Five $1,000 Scholarships


shield_greatestu.jpgOXFORD, OH (Aug. 16, 2013) – Phi Delta Theta, one of North America’s oldest and most respected collegiate fraternities, is offering a free guide on how college-bound men can achieve their dreams and five $1,000 scholarships at http://www.thegreatestu.com.

The Greatest U: A College-Bound Guide to Achieving Your Dreams is a free, 18-page downloadable guide that offers inspirational insights and advice about starting a person’s college career.  The guide specifically speaks to the question of why a college student should take great care in surrounding himself with people who will accept who he is, and will support him in helping to bring out the best in his character.

The new guide has been developed for incoming college freshmen and high school seniors who want to build on the success of their high school careers and take the steps that will help them reach their highest potential in college, laying the foundation for a successful career in the years following college.

“In serving more than 11,000 undergraduate college students,” said Sean Wagner, Associate Executive Vice President of Phi Delta Theta, “we wanted to share some insights based on our experience about what we believe is a critical factor in having a great college experience, namely, the value of surrounding yourself with people who will believe in you and your dreams.”

In addition to the free guide, Phi Delta Theta is offering five $1,000 scholarships which can be applied to either tuition or textbook costs for the Fall 2014 term.  The scholarships are available to any male high school senior or male college undergraduate enrolled in a four-year college degree program in the United States or Canada. Applications are due April 30, 2014.  The scholarships will be awarded July 15, 2014.  The scholarships will be awarded based on responses to an essay question: “How do you plan to become the Greatest U at college?”  Scholarship application forms are available at www.thegreatestu.com.

Since it was founded more than 165 years ago at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, more than 245,000 men have called themselves Phi Delts. Today, Phi Delta Theta (www.phideltatheta.org) has 170 chapters serving 11,000 undergraduate students attending private and public colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada.  It also serves thousands of alumni members who continue to serve their communities and support the Fraternity’s local undergraduate chapters through 99 alumni clubs.

Phi Delta Theta is a values-based fraternity that emphasizes academic excellence, fellowship, community service, and the development of a person’s moral compass. It is recognized as a premiere leadership development fraternity and it welcomes members of all races, colors, and creeds from all over the world. Phi Delta Theta prides itself on its tradition of service, doing great things and taking on tough issues, such as becoming the first fraternity to institute alcohol-free undergraduate housing in 1997, and a zero hazing policy.