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Kansas Delta (Wichita State) Wins Founders Trophy As Most Outstanding Chapter At A Medium-Sized Campus


Scroll_News_KSD_FoundersThe Founders Trophy is given to the most outstanding chapter of Phi Delta Theta on a medium-sized campus.

Winner: Kansas Delta – Wichita State University

The Kansas Delta Chapter at Wichita State University excels in scholarship, involvement on campus and community service. Kansas Delta is the largest fraternity on their campus, but despite their size, the chapter has the highest GPA of fraternities on campus.

Kansas Delta was the winner of both basketball and futsal intramural championships and was the runner up for the “All-Sports Trophy.” The chapter has many members in honors, professional, and recognition societies. In addition, they have several members serving on Student Government and a Phi Delt brother serves as the Student Government President.

Congratulations to Kansas Delta for winning the Founders Trophy!