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New Mexico Alpha (UNM) Colony Recruits 23 Re-Founding Fathers, Brings Membership To 50+


NMA_Fall2013_RecruitmentThe beginning of the fall semester is one of the best times for Greek organizations, as they reunite after a long summer, prepare for recruitment and welcome new members into their organizations. For the New Mexico Alpha Colony at the University of New Mexico, it wasn’t just the start of the new semester, but it was the start of their final semester as a colony. All that was needed to ensure that installation would be secured was raising their membership number.

The men of New Mexico Alpha are proud to have recruited 23 new Re-Founding Fathers, boosting membership over 50 on a campus with an average membership of 40. The sudden growth came from a revamped recruitment program and dedicated work from the recruitment chairman and the entire colony. New Mexico Alpha, along with its third semester of holding the highest GPA of IFC fraternities, now finds its place as one of the top recruiting organizations on campus.