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Nova Scotia Alpha (Dalhousie) Wins Housser Trophy As Most Outstanding Chapter At A Canadian Campus


Scroll_News_NSA_HousserOne of the four top Fraternity awards, The George E. Housser Trophy is awarded annually to the top Canadian chapter demonstrating all-round excellence in internal management and chapter operations, campus leadership and campus participation.

The trophy (a Canadian Inuit carving called the Bird Man) was originally presented by the Vancouver Alumni Club, and later rededicated by several Canadian brothers in 1992 in honor of the late George E. Housser (McGill ’06), President of the General Council from 1950-52.

Winner: Nova Scotia Alpha – Dalhousie University

The Nova Scotia Alpha Chapter at Dalhousie University has 38 active members, the largest fraternity on their campus, and has a cumulative GPA of 2.88. The brothers of Nova Scotia Alpha hold leadership positions on campus including the Vice President of Student Life & the Athletic Commissioner of Intramurals. The chapter boasts two varsity offensive lineman and earned the championship in intramural curling! The chapter has three IFC executive board members and is an Iron Phi Chapter!

Congratulations to the brothers of Nova Scotia Alpha for winning the Housser Trophy.