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Tennessee Zeta (Belmont) Recruits 47, Largest Fraterniy Class Ever At Belmont


TN_Zeta_Fall2013_PhikeiasFall rush week is always an exciting time for the three fraternities at Nashville’s Belmont University. However, for the Tennessee Zeta Phi Delts, this fall was especially successful as they soared into the record books for all of the fraternities on campus by recruiting 47 young men.

The chapter’s success is a great one, as the average new member classes over the last three years has been approximately 30. The first recruitment event that kicked off the week was the Phi Delt Open, consisting of a putting course, beanbags and delicious hickory smoked baby back ribs. Midweek, the chapter held its famous Hawaii Phi-O, where everyone was encouraged to come out in Hawaiian attire and enjoy mouth-watering shish kabobs. The week concluded with the Bond and was hosted in the Vince Gill Room where Chapter President Brock Fuller took the floor and gave his powerful speech.

It took a lot of time and energy to make all of these events possible, but thanks to the hard work and persistence of each member, their combined efforts paid off with the largest pledge class any fraternity at Belmont has ever witnessed.