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Call Of Duty Endowment Recognizes Two Organizations Led By Phis For Veteran Job Placement


KloeppelThe Call of Duty™ Endowment Seal of Distinction was recently awarded to two organizations led by Phi Delts. The award is given to organizations able to demonstrate the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency in placing veterans in jobs. The Seal is accompanied by a $30,000 unrestricted grant as well as the opportunity to receive significant additional funding from the Endowment.

Corporate America Supports You is a St. Louis, Missouri-based non-profit and was recognized as one of the most efficient and productive organizations based on cost-per-veteran job placement. Rear Admiral Daniel L. Kloeppel, Northwestern ’70, is CEO. Brother Kloeppel is also a Fraternity volunteer serving as a Foundation Trustee.

PeckUnited States Veterans Initiative is a Los Angeles, California-based non-profit, that works with predominately homeless vets, yet the veterans they help have one of the highest retention rates with their employers that the Endowment has come across. Stephen J. Peck, Northwestern ’68 is CEO of U.S. VETS, and says U.S. Vets engages and fights the enemy of homelessness, disillusionment, and disappointment—to let these men and women know that there is a path forward and that there is support. U.S. Vets is tremendously grateful for their contribution to this country and the sacrifices they have made.

Please join us in congratulating the excellent efforts by these two Brothers in the Bond.