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Two Iowa Beta (Iowa) Phis Elected to IFC Including President


Scroll_News_IowaOn Sunday November 3rd, the University of Iowa held elections for positions on the Interfraternity Council.

Of the five Iowa Beta Phis who ran, two were elected. Brother Ryan Monkman, a junior, ran for the position of IFC President and beat out a fellow incumbent IFC member. As President, Ryan hopes to work with the University’s Office of Greek Life and career center to create programs that aid juniors and seniors in their job and internship hunt post-graduation. He also wants to create academic achievement programs to not only improve chapter GPAs but to also highlight to potential new members the academic benefits that Greek life offers. Finally, Monkman wants to create a Senior Engagement Committee that will establish long-term goals for keeping seniors involved in Greek life.

Sebastian Alcantara, also a junior, was elected to the position of VP of Finance & Operations after running against three other nominees. Alcantara is currently Iowa Beta’s treasurer, and he hopes to use the skills he learned during his time in that position to transition easily into his role on IFC.