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Doing What Ought To Be Done

Road to Greatness

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Imagine losing hundreds of dollars in cash… then getting it back from a complete stranger.

That’s exactly what happened to a Lexington man Thursday.

Two employees at GNC Hamburg discovered and envelope containing $1,800 cash, but had no idea who it belonged to.

“I thought it was like I was seeing things at first, when I saw it was cash,” said Caleb Reeder. “Honestly, if I lost it, I would want someone to return it to me.”

So they went on a hunt for the owner..

“We were trying to narrow it down to who the last customers were in the store, so I went back through the receipts,” Dusty Allen said.

“We found the phone number of the guy, called him and I asked him if he lost an envelope,” Reeder said.

They made sure it was the right person by asking him to identify the bank the envelope was from and the amount of cash inside.

“After he picked it up, I thought he was going to count it, but he opened the envelope and gave us $50 a piece,” Reeder said.

“He just said, ‘thank you very much,’ and laid down a hundred dollar bill for us and walked out the store,” Allen said.

The thought of keeping the envelope did cross their minds.

“We’re all human, so of course it did, but I figured I wanted to do the right thing and return it, because I would want somebody to return it to me,” Reeder said.

In the end, they discovered honesty does pay off.

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