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North Carolina Delta (NCSU) Phis Run Krispy Kreme Challenge For Charity



Ten brothers from the North Carolina Delta Chapter at North Carolina State University recently participated in the 10th Annual Krispy Kreme Challenge (K2C). The K2C is an annual road race in which participants begin at the North Carolina State Belltower, run 2.5 miles to Krispy Kreme, down a dozen doughnuts, and then run back, all in under one hour. The K2C was a true test of gastrointestinal fortitude for the 8,000 participants, but it also has a much sweeter side.

The 10th Annual K2C raised $200,000 for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital, bringing the ten-year cumulative donation total to $758,000. Brother Lee McAvoy served as the organization’s 2014 Chief Financial Officer, and Brother Rusty Mau served as one of its 2013 Executive Directors. McAvoy and Mau, both Park Scholars, played instrumental roles in this entirely student run endeavor. The K2C is North Carolina State’s number one tradition and has been featured both nationally and internationally. North Carlolina Delta’s involvement in the event is a testament to the chapter’s focus on community service and involvement.

Pictured (L to R): Brothers Andrew Starck, Spencer Lacy, Stefan Vannatta and Rusty Mau