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Ohio Epsilon (Akron) Hosts Brother Sparky Reardon For Multi-Chapter Gathering



On January 27th, 2014, the brothers of Ohio Epsilon at the University of Akron hosted Brother Sparky Reardon, who made the trip from the University of Mississippi. While in Ohio, Sparky spoke to the chapters of Ohio Epsilon and Ohio Lambda (Kent State) at the Ohio Epsilon chapter house.  Brother Rearson shared many stories in which much wisdom was transferred to the numerous members who were in attendance. These stories touched on the values of brotherhood, fraternal values and being a well-rounded college gentleman.

During his visit, Sparky met with Sigma South Province President Jim Warner and various members of both Ohio Epsilon and Ohio Lambda. While talking to these groups, he learned much about how each chapter’s campus’ Greek life varied. Coming from the University of Mississippi, he is used to chapters with member counts of up to 200 where as the Akron and Kent chapters range from 50-80. While speaking to the chapters together, he elaborated on the differences and advantages of having a chapter of that size.

Sparky’s visit not only enlightened the members of both Ohio Epsilon and Ohio Lambda, but he shined light on all that this Fraternity has to offer and transfer through its years of membership. The wisdom shared showed the young members that the pledge taken carries on not only through a man’s college years, but for the rest of his life.