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Texas Theta (West Texas A&M) Phis Gather To Celebrate 51 Years Since Initial Interest Group


Members of the Texas Theta Chapter at West Texas A&M gathered for lunch on January 31 to celebrate the 51st anniversary of the founding of Phi Kappa Delta, the original interest group which petitioned Phi Delta Theta to become a part of the Fraternity in 1964. Doug Tanner, Texas Theta Bond #1, addressed the gathering, told stories and shared photographs of the organizing efforts. The charter was granted at the Pasadena convention in 1964 followed by initiation of the original 42 members in December. The chapter is organizing a celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the charter from July 18-19 in Amarillo and Canyon. For more information, contact Gary Culp at garyculp@gapinc-usa.com.