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New York Epsilon’s (Syracuse) Hunger Games Philanthropy Raises Funds for ALS



Hundreds of Greek members from the Syracuse University community rallied together to watch the events of New York Epsilon’s Hunger Games – Catching PHIre philanthropy event held on Saturday, April 12.

More than 50 participants formed eight “tribute” teams to compete in the Hunger Games-inspired event. Each sorority nominated a “tribute” to represent their organization in which they were paired with a brother of Phi Delta Theta to serve as her male partner. Each team also had coaches, one from each organization.

The teams engaged in 12 rounds of fierce competition that tested the participants’ mental and physical strength as well as endurance and agility. Events included a cement block toss, a three-legged race, and a nerf gun shooting competition. Teams also had sponsors who could buy various items giving their tributes an edge to win that specific event.

The two final teams to survive elimination competed in a final relay-style event with district Kappa Alpha Theta (as shown in the photo) emerging victorious.

The proceeds from team sign-ups and individual donations were over $1,000 and will be donated to The ALS Association chapter in Central New York.

“I thought the day was a great success,” said Philanthropy Chairman Nick Pardini. “The challenges pushed the tributes and in the end the best team was victorious. Everyone enjoyed the event, and I am excited to see how this philanthropy grows into something truly amazing in years to come.”