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North Dakota Alpha (North Dakota) Completes 1,226 Service Hours During The Spring Semester



North Dakota Alpha at the University of North Dakota is happy to announce a total of 1,226 community service hours completed this semester. This equates to 25.5 hours per member, more than two times what is required by UND fraternal men. This is also 226 hours over the goal set by the Colony for the semester.

Over the course of the semester, North Dakota Alpha colony members made an impact around the community by working at Habitat for Humanity, the ALS Walk for Change, Wacipi Powwow, The Big Event and many others. The leading members of North Dakota Alpha this semester were Moses Ochoa with 61 hours, Kareem Mitchell with 49 hours, Logan Obrigewitch with 49 hours, Jake Vivier with 48 hours and Joseph Hackman with 37 hours.