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Georgia Gamma (Mercer) Phi Elected IFC President


The Georgia Gamma Chapter is proud to announce that one of their own has ascended to another great position on the Mercer campus. Brother Timothy Richard Remington was recently elected to the position of IFC President. The IFC, or Interfraternity Council, is a student-run campus organization that presides over all male Greek activities, and is run by members of each fraternity on campus. The executive positions of IFC are handled similarly to executive positions of the individual fraternities, with one member of IFC elected to each position.

Tim Remington has been a part of Georgia Gamma’s influence on IFC since December of 2012, when he started out as assistant recruitment chair and shadowed the VP at the time. One of IFC’s main objectives is to draw unaffiliated men to Greek life in general, with restrictions on the personal interests of each fraternity. Tim has shown outstanding skill in fulfilling that objective by organizing events and setting standards for IFC recruitment. As such, he was elected to IFC VP in December of 2013. As VP, he personally organized the first ever IFC summer recruitment event, which occurred at a recent Braves game and was considered by all to be a great success. Because of that and his many other successes, Tim was elected IFC President on July 31st. He will now continue to represent Phi Delta Theta by presiding over all IFC meetings and guiding the decisions relating to male Greek life. He will also figurehead Greek male interactions with the campus by serving as the face of Greek life at all public campus events. He will also represent Greek men in meetings with Mercer’s higher administration.