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Minnesota Beta (MSU, Mankato) Celebrates 50 Years On Campus



MANKATO, MINN. — This past Saturday was homecoming at Minnesota State University, Mankato. For many, the weekend is just about the football game, but for the brothers of Phi Delta Theta (ΦΔΘ), it is much more. 

Every year, both active members and alumni of Phi Delta Theta return to the Minnesota State campus to reunite their bond of fellowship to each other and the university. During homecoming weekend the brothers play golf, football, gather at a few local establishments, attend the football game and also visit the chapter house.

With this year marking the 50th anniversary of Phi Delta Theta being on the Minnesota State campus, the Fraternity decided to do something special for homecoming. The chapter rented a flatbed trailer to pull the Fraternity members and alumni along the homecoming parade, highlighting the different eras of the Fraternity on campus. 

Phi Delta Theta also sponsored the New Richland, Hartland, Ellendale, Geneva (NRHEG) High School marching band to lead the chapter in the homecoming parade. The arrangements were made before MSU brought the university marching band back to life.

For 50 years, Phi Delta Theta has been a landmark for the University. The Fraternity originally started as Alpha Beta Mu before petitioning and being granted the honor of calling themselves Phi Delta Theta in 1964. 

Since then, the Phis have been active not only on the Minnesota State campus, but also in the community, raising money for The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association because of Lou Gehrig, an alumnus of Phi Delta Theta who died of the disease.

There are many Phi Delt alumni who established businesses and residence in the Mankato area. Although they are too many to mention, Larry “Hog” Wild, Jim Whitlock, Bill Rose and Jake Rademaker are some that many in the community may know. 

The chapter house is located at 639 4th St. and houses 12 men and hosts numerous, non-alcohol events throughout the school year, including a Mock House Party which helps educate students on the dangers of high-risk drinking.

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  1. I am an alumna of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Epsilon Rho at MSU, Mankato and was the 2013 Phi Delta Theta crush. I became so close to this group of men over my four years of college; they are still some of my best friends and biggest supporters! I am so proud of them and their accomplishments and so grateful to have been able to spend this memorable weekend with them! I can’t wait to see Minnesota Beta’s growth at MSU and in the community! Great job guys, love you!

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