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Arkansas Alpha (Arkansas) Phi Elected IFC President



Last week, Drake Breshears was elected to serve as the 2014-2015 IFC President at the University of Arkansas. He will lead an IFC Executive Board that will serve as the direct liaisons between university staff and the fourteen fraternities represented on campus. Drake previously served as a Recruitment Chairman for Arkansas Alpha and is also involved as a Senator for Associated Student Government. Though Phi Delt has regularly held positions on the IFC Executive Board (including Stephen Wise as Vice President on last year’s board), it’s been since 2009 that a Phi Delt has held this position at Arkansas, and the chapter is excited to have one of its own back at the helm.

One thought on “Arkansas Alpha (Arkansas) Phi Elected IFC President

  1. Congrats Arkansas Alpha. Proud of the accomplishment, but what ever happened to that big hazing scandal from this fall? Heard an alumn and some older members got a little rowdy. Anyways best wishes for the chapter Go Phi.

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