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Nebraska Beta (Nebraska, Kearney) Phis Elected To Key Leadership Positions On Campus



The Nebraska Beta Chapter at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will be celebrating its third year since its re-founding in March. Nebraska Beta has found great success with their on campus involved; in the past week men from Nebraska Beta have taken some of the key position on campus. Three Phis have been elected to IFC executive board. Josh Barger as IFC President, Daniel Chacon as Vice President of Recruitment and Ben Najera as the Vice President of Community Service/Philanthropy.

Brother Barger and Brother Chacon’s goals for IFC is to increase the number of men recruited and to also develop a genuine inter-fraternal experience for all of IFC’s members. Brother Najera is goal is to be IFC’s first community service/philanthropy chair to reach $1,000 donated to one cause.

Along with IFC positions, three brothers were selected to positions with the university’s First-Year Program. Jorge Gutierrez was selected to the New Student Enrollment crew, which assists in signing new students up for their first semester at UNK during the summer enrollment sessions. He will be one of 4 males and 4 females that serve as NSE Leaders, selected from over 50 applicants. Leaders were selected on scholarship and leadership. Brother Gutierrez was also chosen to be a Student Diplomat, which serves the Admissions Office by leading tours of campus to prospective students. Jorge is hoping that the presence of a Hispanic student in a leadership position will inspire others to work hard and step up, and in the process provide a positive image of Phi Delta Theta Nebraska Beta.

John Gibbs was selected once again, based on his outstanding service and reviews, to continue on as a Student Diplomat. Brother Gibbs has worked in the Admissions Office for 5 semesters and will be finishing his last semester as an undergraduate continuing to serve. He is proud to have served for so long and is excited for finishing his undergraduate career in the spring.

Aaron McCauley was selected for the position as the Blue and Gold Welcome Week coordinator. He will be working directly with the director of First Year Programs to develop and organize the first two weeks of activities for new students and returning students. He will be responsible for recruiting the individuals to lead groups of new students around, training the “Loper Leaders”, and contacting and collaborating with businesses to put on over 18 days worth of events. He is excited to serve in this position to foster his passion for his future career in Student Affairs, and harness the leadership skills Phi Delta Theta has instilled in him.