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Phi Delta Theta Colonizes Iowa Delta At Drake University



On December 4, Phi Delta Theta colonized the 31-member Iowa Delta Colony at Drake University after eight weeks of recruitment and development from Leadership Consultants Zach Hilliard and BJ Nelson. More than 30 alumni from Drake University and the Des Moines Area Alumni Club welcomed the colony members along with family and friends from the University and Greek Community.

Province President Jay Longnecker presided over the colonization ceremony. Vice President of the Iowa Delta Colony Geoff Daley said that he was “excited to work with alumni and couldn’t wait to continue the once great tradition of Iowa Delta at Drake!”

Jan McMahill, Dean of the College of Education and Faculty Adviser to the Iowa Delta Colony, attended the event and declared her excitement of once again working with the men of Phi Delta Theta. Several alumni, including some of the original Founding Fathers of the chapter, voiced their eagerness and excitement to meet the new men and to have the chapter back at Drake University. One of the men advised, “You may all be new colony members, and some even strangers to one another, but in 50 years you will look back and these men will be some of your best friends and family.”

The Iowa Delta Colony has a bright future and is excited to join the Greek Community at Drake University. The Colony would like to thank  Province President Jay Longnecker for presiding over the ceremony and would like to express great appreciation to the committed alumni for their excitement and support.