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Phi Delta Theta Colonizes Wisconsin Alpha at the University of Wisconsin-Madison



On December 7, 2014, Phi Delta Theta re-colonized the Wisconsin Alpha Colony at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The colony is comprised of 64 members after its first two recruitment periods. The expansion process was led by Expansion Consultants Tucker Barney and Andrew Carlson of Phi Delta Theta’s General Headquarters. They spent eight weeks recruiting men who best embodied the ideals and values of Phi Delta Theta. The result is a colony of brothers who are extremely excited to carry on the traditions of excellence set by those who came before them at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Colony President William Henderson expressed his excitement about the colonization, saying, “I am really excited that Phi Delta Theta is back at UW-Madison. Being able to re-colonize the Fraternity has been an amazing experience, and I’ve created so many great friendships with my fellow brothers already. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us, and through this process, we are always striving to make the fraternity greater than it was transmitted to us. As we continue to establish ourselves in the Greek community, I know that we can be a premier fraternity on campus in the near future.”