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Phi Delta Theta Urges Reinstatement of University of Virginia Greek Community



Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity has closely monitored the recent developments at the University of Virginia stemming from Rolling Stone’s “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice” story. The subject matter and continuing conversation around sexual assault and rape is of utmost importance to Phi Delta Theta, and the Fraternity fully believes that its Virginia Beta Chapter at the University of Virginia is comprised of young men who can be a valuable part of the solution on campus.

Phi Delta Theta is opposed to the University of Virginia’s approach of suspending Greek social activities as it has infringed on the Fraternity’s First Amendment freedom of association rights and existing operating agreements on campus. Further, as the University of Virginia develops a new Fraternity Operating Agreement, Phi Delta Theta does not support negotiations until the suspension is removed.

Phi Delta Theta understands its duty of cultivating responsible young men on college campuses and takes great pride in its progressive leadership within the Greek community on an international stage. Nearly 15 years ago, Phi Delta Theta implemented its Alcohol-Free Housing policy, a policy that has both championed responsible behavior and resulted in safer environments for our members and their guests. Phi Delta Theta knows that alcohol is oftentimes a main contributor to the sexual assault and rape issues that exist on college campuses, and the Fraternity remains steadfast in developing its chapters in a way that makes them valuable assets to the campuses and communities where they exist.

2 thoughts on “Phi Delta Theta Urges Reinstatement of University of Virginia Greek Community

  1. I’m glad y’all are going to bat for the Virginia chapter. It’s now time to reinstate Phi Delts best chapter, Texas Epsilon. As to be expected the 2 day social media circus that blew the story and PDT’s response to it way out of propertion is over. The chapter has exceeded expectations in their response to the citation because that’s how they operate. Reinstate and I’d be shocked if they don’t add an 18th Harvard Trophy to their list of accomplishments soon.

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