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Indiana Mu (IUPUI) Recruits 23 New Members, More Than Doubles Colony Size



Entering the Fall 2014 semester, Phi Delta Theta’s Indiana Mu Colony had less than 20 members. With the final hope for chartering being Spring 2015, Indiana Mu needed a large recruitment class in order to survive. IUPUI is primarily a commuter campus and a 27-man class is the largest class that any fraternity has ever recruited. Due to a heightened sense of situational understanding, Indiana Mu rallied together and recruited 23 new members, more than doubling their size. With continued work to be done, the colony’s recruitment efforts have paved a clearer road to becoming chapter.

Once recruitment had ended, the colony had to manage a new member class that was larger than any others they have had, inspiring all of their new members to become the greatest versions of themselves along the way. To do this, Indiana Mu had to make sure that every single member wanted to not only attend the social events, but also weekly colony meetings and maintain an elevated level of interest from every member. The colony abolished the term “mandatory” from all events, and it worked very well. By simply making small changes and getting rid of the word mandatory, morale and the attitude of members completely changed. Members became more interested in attending weekly meetings and being on committees. For the first time in their short history, there was never a shortage of manpower for any event.

Indiana Mu has is now hoping to schedule there installation weekend this semester. The colony will be submitting their petition to charter when they take a trip to GHQ to tour where the Fraternity was founded.