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New York Epsilon (Syracuse) Phi Elected to IFC Executive Board



Daniel Collins ’16 was recently elected as Philanthropy Chairman of the IFC Executive board at Syracuse University. Being that Syracuse University has a very large percentage of students involved in Greek life, Daniel will have the opportunity to help make decisions impacting them as a whole.

Directly within the position, Daniel will be in charge of reading all philanthropy proposals and approving or denying them. He will also make himself an available resource to the each fraternity’s philanthropy chairman to assist in the creation or planning of the events. Internally, he will be personally running at least two IFC-wide philanthropy events during his term as chairman.

Daniel and former IFC Phis, Duane Ford and Kevin Aziz, see being a part of IFC as a valuable opportunity because it allows them to help shape the future of fraternities at Syracuse University. Being that the New York Epsilon Chapter was only re-founded in 2012, it gives the chapter the ability to prove itself among other more established fraternities by having more prominent representation. It moves the NY Epsilon Chapter forward in a way that highlights its commitment to avoid complacency and to always keep building upon the foundation that was set only three years ago. Daniel is both excited and ready to further this commitment and begin his term on IFC.