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Phi Delta Theta Colonizes Georgia Epsilon At Georgia Southern University



On March 8th, Phi Delta Theta colonized the 25-member Georgia Epsilon Colony at Georgia Southern University after eight weeks of recruitment and development from Leadership Consultants Tucker Barney and BJ Nelson. More than 35 alumni from Georgia and the surrounding states welcomed the colony members along with numerous family members, significant others and friends.

Province President Rick Orr presided over the colonization ceremony. “It’s exciting to witness the next chapter of Georgia Epsilon,” he said. “During the ceremony, it was evident how proud and excited both the alumni and the colony members are. The caliber of men that comprise the new colony is exceptional and you just know that they will have a positive influence on the Georgia Southern Greek community.”

Vice President of the Georgia Epsilon Colony Greg Brown said that the experience was “very humbling,” and that “to go through the process as Vice President was a huge honor.” He is confident that the group will overcome any challenges they are faced with and is very excited to see what the future holds for the group.

Thomas “Bubba” Refrow Jr., GA Epsilon #13, was overjoyed about the chapter coming back. “Having the opportunity to pin new badges on the new colony members and make a few remarks to those in attendance was a very satisfying and joyous moment. […]

“History is best utilized when it inspires men and women to make new history that they can look back on with pride when it is their turn to look back. I remember when my older son didn’t get to wear a number worn by his favorite player on an athletic team. I explained to him it isn’t about wearing a famous number, it is about making the number you are wearing famous with your good play.

“The Colony Members have their work cut our for them if they are to compete effectively at GSU and stand tall among them all. There is plenty of great history from the past decades they can be proud of, but I beseech them to make the jerseys they will wear with ‘Phi Delta Theta’ on them famous at GSU once again, for all the right reasons.”

The Georgia Epsilon Colony has a bright future and is excited to join the Greek Community at Georgia Southern University. The Colony would like to thank Province President Rick Orr for presiding over the ceremony and would like to express their appreciation to the committed alumni for their excitement and support throughout the entire process.

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  1. so thankful to see this happen and all of Brother Bubba’s hard work…

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