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Indiana Kappa (Ball State) Phi Appointed IFC VP of Administration



Brett Berryhill was appointed the Vice President of Administration for the Interfraternity Council at Ball State during last week’s council meeting. Brett moves into the position after serving the last semester as a delegate for the IFC.

“I’m very excited about having this position as IFC is something I’ve always been interested in, and I’m ready to get to work,” said Berryhill.

As Vice President of Administration, Berryhill will be in charge of the council’s budget, meeting minutes and a variety of other administrative duties. Although this is a new role for Berryhill, the position itself is very familiar. He holds a similar position for the Fraternal Values Society as the Director of Finance and Administration.

Berryhill is the fourth member of Phi Delta Theta to hold an IFC exec position in the past six years, and the second of those four to hold the VP of Administration position. He has hopes that his taking on the position will increase the chapter’s role in future councils.

“My goals for the position are to represent the men of Phi Delta Theta to the best of my ability and hopefully open doors for more of my brothers to follow me onto IFC,” said Berryhill. “Looking to the future, I’m also wanting to learn more about all the positions for next fall.”