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Iowa Delta (Drake) Phis Gather At Drake Relays



In 2014, Iowa Delta alumni gathered during the Drake Relays weekend with area alumni from other chapters to kick off Phi Delt’s return to Drake University. In the fall, Phi Delta Theta sent a team to Drake to begin the colonization process. When they were done, a Phi Delt colony was born and the men began working towards becoming a chapter.

This year, more than 70 Iowa Delta alumni and alumni from other chapters gathered at the Drake Relays to celebrate the colony. All 28 of the colony members attended the event and had the opportunity to meet Phi Delts from every era of Iowa Delta. The men will reoccupy the chapter facility starting in June, and the alumni have raised enough money to furnish and upgrade the facility in time for fall recruitment. Confidence is high that Iowa Delta will be installed as a chapter this fall.