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Erik Fogg – MIT

Founder, Something To Consider

Road to Greatness


MIT Political Science graduate and Phi Delta Theta Massachusetts Gamma member Erik Fogg has a plan to fix broken political dialogue and restore sensible, productive discussion between all segments of the political spectrum. With his colleague Nat Greene, Erik has founded Something to Consider, a fully-funded political media company dedicated to giving citizens the tools and community they need to find common ground and tackle the toughest problems facing our country.

Something to Consider publishes books, blogs, games, videos, and other media to help citizens develop new mindsets and methods for engaging in productive political dialogue. The group hosts discussions online and at round-tables to practice these methods and develop their thinking. Something to Consider aims to engage the middle-ground that has been disillusioned by political extremism and partisan conflict to bring a more thoughtful approach to political dialogue that will spread to the national conversation.

“There’s this idea that the other party is the enemy,” explains Fogg. “We have to re-learn how to have these conversations. People are hungry for productive dialogue but say they don’t know how to have it, and have either joined the partisan fray or given up. We’re going to make it fun and rewarding, and create a safe space for people to put their guard down, find agreement, and get their ideas to government.” Something to Consider believes that improving dialogue and debate among people will trickle up to elected officials and politicians and help restore civility and cooperation to the political process.

Something to Consider plans to host conferences in various cities where followers can meet for face-to-face engagement and develop specific policy proposals that can be taken to elected officials.

Fogg and Greene are focusing on building the core material and expanding their user base. They are also planning a series of books on policy issues to help followers engage with more partisan people. Fogg explains the long-term vision: “We can’t just depend on those that already feel the way we do. We’ll need to engage die-hards and create bipartisan thinkers that effect positive ideas within the party system.”

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