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Phi Delta Theta Returns To California Kappa at the University of California, San Diego With 82 Founding Fathers



On Sunday, May 24, Phi Delta Theta introduced the California Kappa Colony at the University of California, San Diego. After eight weeks of extensive recruitment and interviews, the group reached 82 members. Expansion efforts were led by consultants Andrew Carlson and Danny DuBois from Phi Delta Theta’s Headquarters.

During this time, the two recruited men of all stories, ranging from student government, athletics, on-campus organizations and much more. Embodying what it means to be a Phi Delt, those recruited were chosen for their character, diversity and positive attitude.

Consultant Andrew Carlson said it himself, “This has to be one of the most diverse fraternities on campus.” He is confident that this chapter will go above and beyond during its journey to becoming a chapter.

The pinning ceremony was something special. Among the Founding Fathers were friends and family, as well as support from the Phi Delta Theta chapter at San Diego State University. There were also other members of the Greek community in attendance to support the Founding Fathers. Inspiration was at an all time high as the brothers listened to words of encouragement from various speakers. When speaking, Dominick Suvonnasupa, a new Founding Father and elected AS President, told his peers, “This is going to be something big.”

Without a doubt, Phi Delta Theta will make its mark at UCSD. President Ethan Pham believes “…..” Having already collaborated with IFC and other sororities this quarter, it’s only a matter of time until the California Kappa Chapter becomes initiated. The Founding Fathers would like to thank everyone who was a part of this journey and we look forward to making big moves in the future.”

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  1. Just read this article. Pretty cool. Remarkably, this sound very similar to when we started the first fraternity on campus back around 1980. I invite all of you to our facebook page and hope to meet at one of our reunions. YITB, Dick #2

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