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Seniors – Take Your First Professional Step With Phi Delta Theta!



By Peter Grant Stuart IV- Senior Leadership Consultant

Hello graduating seniors! Congratulations on making it to your senior year as it will most certainty be your best. Your year should be full of completing your campus bucket list, filling out your graduation requirements, reminiscing with old friends and making new ones and facing the reality that it is time to find a job.

Thankfully, being a Phi will shine on your resume and create new opportunities for you. As a Phi, you also have the opportunity to begin your postgraduate career by being paid to work for the organization you love! Our grand Fraternity is currently looking to fill its 2016 Leadership Consultant class.

Some of you may jump at this opportunity to travel the country, network with Phis, and give back to the organization you love by helping it progress. Others may consider a number of job opportunities throughout the year. No matter where you stand, we’d recommend adding the Leadership Consultant position to the roster of opportunities that you may be considering. It is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

Learn more and apply to become a Leadership Consultant

This summer, I conducted interviews with a few of our past Leadership Consultants who spoke about how their experience has helped propel them forward in their professions.


Joseph Wechsler, who completed his tenure as a Leadership Consultant, is now a Consulting Manager at Knowledge Capital Group. When I spoke to Joe, he mentioned that he “did not know that being a consultant would give me all of the foundations for a successful career” and that “there is no other place that I know of that will teach you to be a professional so thoroughly.”


Ryan Schell finished his time as a Leadership Consultant in 2014 and started working a startup company called Grovo where he is now a manager. To Ryan, the experience helped him most with “learning to set goals and expectations.” What made the experience different from other jobs he saw his peers in was “the supportive transition; working for Phi Delta Theta’s General Headquarters made me feel like if you put in the effort you would see the results.”


Daniel Holman, a Manager of Public Health Initiatives at Harbor Health Services, found that the experience helped him not only in his current role, but in his time serving with the Peace Corps as well. He saw great overlap between walking into a new chapter and the trips that he made with the Peace Corps. When discussing his experience, Daniel said, “I didn’t get it until I finished but understanding how to engage with many different people is an essential skill you learn as a Leadership Consultant.”


The final person that I interviewed was Jacob Heuser. Jacob was both a consultant and an expansion director for our General Headquarters and is now the Vice President for University Advancement at Bradley University. Like some that we speak to, Jacob did not want to be a consultant originally. He was convinced otherwise and now contributes his current success to his beginnings as a consultant. In sum Jacob said, “I loved every part of it. I would go back and do it all over again if I was a young man.”

It’s safe to say that each Phi Delta Theta Leadership Consultant throughout the program’s history is proud to have taken part in supporting the Fraternity’s undergraduate chapters as they strive to reach their goals. Phi Delta Theta’s General Headquarters takes pride that being a Leadership Consultant has helped fellow Phis succeed in their career paths. We wish all of our graduating seniors the best of luck as they enter their working lives. We hope to see many apply to begin and reap the rewards of the Leadership Consultant experience.

Learn more and apply to become a Leadership Consultant

Starting in 2015, we have changed our process to give our most interested Leadership Consultant candidates the opportunity to secure employment well before graduation. If you would like to apply, please submit the application within the link above by September 30 for early consideration. Candidates can apply until November 15, however, there is a chance that all positions will be filled by then.