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California Pi (San Diego State) Phis Restore 100-Year-Old Composite Following Its Arrival At Chapter House



The brothers of California Pi at San Diego State University received an unexpected surprise when a crumbling composite arrived at the chapter house. The composite, from Ohio, arrived with mold damage and serious frame issues.

Rather than placing the composite to the side or throwing it in storage, the California Pi Chapter raised funds and sought out professionals to restore the 100-year-old composite. The original composite’s ownership (individual or chapter) could not be determined, so the brothers decided to return the composite, fully restored, to GHQ for preservation.

The composite has its original frame. The frame was repaired but kept in original condition, and the glass was replaced with ultra violet protective glass. The deteriorating mat board was replaced, and acid-free foam backing was used to provide a protective layer for the composite.

The brothers want to give a special thank you to California Pi alumni and undergraduate Nick Mendiola for leading the restoration endeavor. Their time and effort coordinating California Pi members with this project exemplified service to the Fraternity and to their brothers both past and present. Thank you brothers for saving this historical artifact.