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Kansas Epsilon (Emporia State) Conducts 30th Annual Pole-Sit For Local Domestic Violence Agency



Since 1986, the brothers of Kansas Epsilon have conducted a pole-sit at homecoming to raise funds for SOS, Inc. SOS is the agency serving a six county region for victims of domestic violence, abuse and neglect. The agency advocates for children. The event begins at 6 a.m. on homecoming Friday running through noon on Saturday as the Homecoming Parade concludes at the pole.

The 30-hour boot drive has generated well over $80K for the agency in the three decades of the signature event occurring in front of the campus each fall. In 2015, the brothers were only rained on twice in an otherwise beautiful weekend. Through the years hail, snow, rain, fog, freezing temps, raw wind, balmy weather, electrical storms, water balloons and eggs have been encountered.